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What to expect

When you attend for your first session of therapy, you will have a full assessment of your difficulties. This includes me asking you specific questions about how long you have been struggling, what symptoms you have been having and what you are hoping to gain from therapy. This helps me to develop a working knowledge of what has been going on for you so that I can choose the right interventions to help you. 

Once your assessment is completed, we will discuss a formulation of your difficulties. This means we will work together to figure out how your problems are keeping themselves going. We will then use your goals for therapy to help us plan your treatment. 

In the treatment phase, we will explore tools and techniques that should help you move forward and make changes. 

CBT is homework based and there will be tasks to complete between sessions. This is because most of the change happens outside the therapy room. 

Sessions will take place at an agreed location, and will last for up to 50 minutes, although this may be shorter. 

Everything is confidential but this will be discussed in more detail with you at your first appointment. 

My sessions are often covered by most major medical insurance providers such as WPA, AXA PPP, Bupa and others. Clients are responsible for speaking with their insurers to check sessions are covered but I am happy to provide brief reports to insurers where appropriate to secure funding. 

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